2021 TM (Commercial)

Telephony is essential to “glue” together the various parts of a company’s operations, it works powerfully for or against your business objectives…so if you can answer “don’t know” to any of the following three questions we can help you…

Are calls going unanswered in key service areas?

Is the call routing plan delivering results or getting in the way of effective service delivery?

As the company evolves do you have the comprehensive call flow data to make informed decisions on investment and development?

Is your network healthy or do you have too many telephone lines (cost waste), or even too few (service congestion)?

When you renegotiate telephony contracts do you have comprehensive usage data to drive best deal or do the suppliers hold this upper hand?

Are you one of the organisations overcharged for it’s telephony (Gartner global estimate is 5%)?


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