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Way back in 1999 we ran a survey in collaboration with the British Hospitality Association (BHA), with top UK hotels plus their guests, aimed at understanding the challenges Hotel’s faced with respect to telephone call pricing complaints. Back then all Hoteliers charging by meter pulse (not per minute) which no one could understand, neither guests nor staff. As a result they were vilified and pilloried in the press.

From this foundation research we were able to develop practical solutions for hoteliers to break free from this technology and offer transparent simple to understand pricing. We also input to the UK government’s best practice being developed by the British Hospitality Association.

In one hotel alone we achieved a complaint reduction of 80% through this simple yet powerful approach.

Wondering what else we could help hoteliers with has lead to call answering performance where hoteliers can see for the first time how many calls they lose to reservations (still important in Middle East and Africa), room service, restaurant, spa and other key guest services.

A recent hotel adopting service identify losses of 50% to a key guest service which through better targetted staffing and visibility they turned round to less than 5% in 3 weeks.

Information is at the heart of everything we do so harnessing this has lead us to work with leading companies like DHL, Kraft, Apple, Marriott to help them to understand their telephony network and leverage improvements to service plus ensure this is healthy and cost optimised.

We would love to be helping you making sure telephony is working for and not against your business.

So why not let some fresh air into your business and get in touch?

Some of the many applications to date have included:

  • Network rationalisation (cost reduction and congestion elimination)
  • Call centre consolidation and moves
  • Network call flow analysis (check health and efficiency)
  • Technology migration TDM to IP
  • Centralising operators
  • Carrier negotiation and competitive analysis
  • Customer service call monitoring and improvement




Enhance guest experience, minimise complaints.



Healthy costs plus protect service with call loss reports.



Growth through online booking and guest loyalty.


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